Saturday, June 14, 2014

Metaphysical Elements

This past weekend writer-producer for The Spaces Between Time, Gina Aroneo, engaged Arivaca artist Peggy Kane in a conversation about her metaphysical paintings that inspired concepts in Outskirts of Infinity and helped establish the filmic frame-work that led to a sense of timelessness and contemplation of inter-dimensional gateways in the film.
Above: Still image from digital video of Peggy Kane in her studio (Arivaca, AZ)

[Pre-Production journal entry from September of 2013]:  Peggy Kane's contribution (as an artist) will be more focused on the metaphysical elements of her artwork used in the film; the Jaguar (as the shape-shifting Shaman) photographed around the mountains of Ruby; time travel and other areas where she encounters a vision.

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