Friday, February 28, 2014

Easing Into a Dream

It feels good to begin a film about a film, especially when that film was my 'Outskirts of Infinity' first released in 2006.  It's a film about man and nature, light and dark, above ground and below ground, the portals that connect time; and the animal spirits who play with our perception the past and the present.  The Outskirts of Infinity films is about all of those things, wrapped in a dream.

This film project, 'The Spaces Between Time' will examine the elements making up the film. One of those elements was myself as the filmmaker.  Why was I there in the ghost town with my cameras?  What happened experientially during that time; and what inspired me creatively to assemble the ideas that became Outskirts? 


  Another of those elements is Sundog, a man who lived at the outskirts in the ghost town of Ruby, Arizona and experienced many things we'll never see.


What has me really excited about this project is that there will be so much to share with the viewer on how these 'elements' that make up the film came together.  What I hope will add real 'dimensionality' to the film will be how these random happenings were assembled to tell a story.  That's the mystery I need to unravel.  The photo above of Sundog was taken on February 22nd, while filming an interview with him.  I went away feeling really good.  It was the feeling that we're on our way. 

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