Sunday, December 28, 2014

Filmic Memories

Spaces Between Time - Concept Element from Psychotropic Films on Vimeo.

NOTE: Please use headphones while viewing this video

Gina and I have been discussing how we are going to incorporate into our docu-film, certain memories that were inspired from the far past that made their way into Outskirts of Infinity when I was working on the film in 2005-2006.

One particular element was the haunting table and chair arrangement with a doll head on the table and a sign that was set up deep in the mine tunnel at Ruby.  This transitional element in Outskirts was not just some random bizarre idea.

The above film segment was created for our "Spaces Between Time" documentary in order to demonstrate the importance of inspired memories in my films.  But importantly in 'Spaces' I want to  maintain a sense of mystery in order that the audience when watching 'Outskirts' can still have their own experience.  In other words our goal with the documentary is for it NOT to be a spoiler for the viewing of 'Outskirts'.  Rather we want our docu-film 'Spaces' to add to the mystery of 'Outskirts', while at the same time validating my subconscious film-making process stays that I have been developing and refining over the past decade.


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